After getting fed up with the FWD of the spyder, my dad and I both bought an AWD car. He's more about form and functionality, and I am about looks as well as performance. Naturally, he got a 1g, and I picked up a 2g. Here is the mod page for the car, which can be used as a model to see what works and what is not needed. Everything is a genuine name brand part, except for where noted. I didn't pay for the logo of a company on parts that I felt it was not needed, like piping for exampe. I will try to provide specific details, but don't hesitate to shoot me an email.

1992 Eagle Talon TSi

Mahle 0.040+ Forged Pistons
Eagle H-Beam Connecting Rods
Brian Crower Springs
3 Angle Valve Job
HKS 272 Camshafts
ARP Headstuds
Cometic MLS Headgasket
Precision Turbo and Engine 880cc Injectors
-6 Fuel Feed
Walbro 255hp Fuel pump
Zex Turbo Nitrous Kit (#82218)
Aeromotive 13109 Fuel Pressure Regulator
Removed A/C Coil

Forced Performance FP3065
Forced Performance Race Manifold
Forced Performance 2.5" O2 Housing
TiAL 44mm Wastegate
Megan Racing 3" Downpipe
Megan Racing 3" Catback (needed a 4" piece welded for proper fitment)
4" Intake Pipe with K&N Filter
CXRacing 22x8x3.5" intercooler
CXRacing 2.5" charge piping
63mm Ported 1g Throttle Body
JMFabrications 1g "Race" SMIM

IPT High Stall Torque Converter
ALTO Red Eagle Overhaul with Kolene Steels
Translab TL-175 Shiftkit

ECMLink V3
AEM 3.5 Bar MAP Sensor
Autometer Phantom Boost Gauge
AEM Uego Wideband
Magnecor KV85 Sparkplug Wires
NGK BPR8ES Sparkplugs