After getting fed up with the FWD of the spyder, my dad and I both bought an AWD car. He's more about form and functionality, and I am about looks as well as performance. Naturally, he got a 1g, and I picked up a 2g. Here is the mod page for the car, which can be used as a model to see what works and what is not needed. Everything is a genuine name brand part, except for where noted. I didn't pay for the logo of a company on parts that I felt it was not needed, like piping for exampe. I will try to provide specific details, but don't hesitate to shoot me an email.

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1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

Nitrous Express Direct Port Fogger
Custom Wiseco 1400HD Pistons
Custom RNR Aluminum Rods
ACL Race Tri-metal Rod Bearings
ACL Race Tri-metal Main Bearings
Balanced OEM Crankshaft
MAPerformance H11 Head Studs
Permatorque MLS Headgasket
FP3X Intake/Exhaust Camshafts
Supertech High Pressure Beehive Valve Springs
Titanium Retainers and Shimmed Seats
Stainless Intake/Exhaust Valves
Viton Valve Seals

Borg Warner 72mm S300sx (S372)
Tom Engel Topmount Manifold
Twin TiAL 44mm Wastegates
Custom 4" v-band side exit exhaust
CXRacing Ebay 24x12x3" intercooler
CXRacing 3" aluminum piping
TiAL Q-Series BOV
Q45 90mm Throttle Body
JMFabrications 2g Drag Intake Manifold

FIC 1600cc Injectors
Twin Bosch 044 Fuel pumps
Magnus Fuel Rail
Custom Fuel Cell
Russell Fuel Filters
-10 Fuel Feed
-8 Fuel Return
Aeromotive 13109 Fuel Pressure Regulator
AFCO 80107N Scirocco Aluminum Radiator
Perma-Cool 18120 Electric Fan
Gates Racing 170* Thermostat
B&M SuperCooler 70266 Oil Cooler
Tru-Cool LPD 4490 Transmission Cooler

Import Performance Transmission's W4A33 with Amsoil ATF:
      Custom calibrated valve body to provide firm positive shifts
      Large apply area O.E.M. servo
      Aftermarket sealing rings
      Additional clutches installed
      IPT's exclusive five disk front clutch pack
      Revised end clutch installed
      Cooler / converter oil circuit redesigned
      Redesigned band apply pin installed to provide firmer 1-2 and 3-4 shifts
      Heat treated sun shell and AWD output shaft
Welded Center Differential
Sinister Speed 9.5" Converter
Kiggly Racing Flexplate
Stock Transfercase and Rear End with Royal Purple 75W90
Shaftmaster's Full Relacement Aluminum Driveshaft
Frontline Fabrications Plate Steel Rear Differential Cover
Solid Aluminum Differential Mounts
15"x7.5" Rota Slipstreams
Mickey Thompson 26.0"x8.5"-15" ET Drag Slicks
ISC Track Coilovers
Prothane Suspension Bushings

AEM EMS 30-1310
Brad Brooks Triggerdisc
AEM 3.5 Bar MAP Sensor
GM IAT Sensor
AEM Boost Control Solenoid
MSD DIS-2 Digital 6211 (directly fired by the EMS, with no transistor unit/ignitor)
Honda CBR 600F4 Coils
AEM 30-2710 10 Channel Peak & Hold Injector Driver
Autometer Z-Series Gauges:
      Oil Pressure
      Fuel Level
      Water Temperature
      Transmission Temperature
PLX Devices DM-5 Wideband O2
NGK BPR8EIX Sparkplugs