Amsoil ATF Amsoil ATF is the number one transmission fluid I recommend running in the F/W4A33 transmissions. It surpasses the ATF+4 and SP-III spec's by a long shot, and will keep your valvebody and clutch packs happy for many hard miles. Click on the picture to read more and order directly from my Amsoil account.

Amsoil Amsoil makes some of the best oil out there.. period. The Dominator series works awesome in the 4G63 because of its high zinc content. This is what keeps the rings from wearing under extreme conditions, as well keeps the turbo bearings looking new. Don't just take my word for it though, Forced Performance did an extensive write up between different oils HERE. Notice every recommended oil except Amsoil Dominator said high zinc/phosphorous.. Dominator, on the other hand, received a "heavily fortified with zinc and phosporus" mark. In the long run it's a little cheaper to spend a little extra each oil change than replacing the turbo or building a new motor!


If you would like something else Amsoil sells besides what's listed, I can still get my commision (which goes towards paying for this website) off any item they sell. Just check out their Online Store.

Transmission Parts

This shift kit is based off the most popular shift kit for our automatic transmissions, the TransLab TL-175HP. This particular kit was made to TransLab's spec's by one of the biggest transmission suppliers around, Superior Trans. Kit includes all the springs needed for the valvebody, including the interchangeable black and red ones for your comfort/performance levels. Also included are new lightweight ceramic balls, and all necessary drill bits. This kit will cause your transmission to shift firmer, as well as help prevent it from slipping or flairing during WOT. $70 shipped.