Fugitive of the Lemon Law

I bought this car in March of 2008 to be used as my daily driver.. It turned out to be less reliable than the Eclipse (call me crazy). At the dealership when I tried to take it out on a test drive. It wouldn't start. They say the fuel pump went out. At 28,000 miles.

Within the first month of owning it, I exploded the differential (this was with the KDW II's on the front, not even the slicks!). Apparently GM thought it would be awesome to put the F35 MU3 transmission from a 1984 Saab 9000 into their superchargered "sports car." I drove the car to a local GM dealership and they said that my tires were 10mm taller than stock, and thats what caused my transmission to break, and my warranty was voided. (I bought the car GM CERTIFIED with those tires on it) Also, the parts manager said I was leaking fluid by my torque converter. After telling him the car was a manaul transmisson which didn't have a torque converter, and that 10mm smaller tires would not keep a transmission designed for a 135bhp Saab transmission from breaking, I took my car home. I didn't even bother showing him the scratch on my fender that wasn't there before I brought it in.

After the whole run around, I decided to purchase a used transmission from a junkyard for 500 bucks. The transmission lasted, but I had to strip the engine apart a few months after I got it together because the factory headgasket blew, and coolant channeled a 1/8" deep groove from the number 1 cylinder to a water passage. I had to drop the whole subframe with the engine and transmission to tear the engine apart. After getting the channel welded, and the head surface decked, I decided to put some drag radials on the car.. as I was tired of not having traction in first or second. During the first launch, the halfshaft sheared into three pieces, and the splines got twisted into the wheel bearing.

So, you may be thinking that most of my problems may be from "beating" on the car. Granted, some may be.. but some are not. For example. The coolant for the supercharger finds its way into the cylinders, and the IAT's go up to 230 degrees. Many people are having their supercharger pump failing after only 30,000 miles. Also, my clock spring went out at only 36,000 miles. There is NO EXCUSE for something like this failing. Not even on old cars. Another problem I researched was the steering column is prone to failure. How wonderful would it be to be cruising on the highway, then realizing you have no steering. No doubt the Department of Transportation should force GM to have a massive recall on all these makeshift excuses for a sports car. O wait.. they filed bankruptcy because we got fed up with the garbage they sold us, and bought dependable cars... with real warraties.

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2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged

Intense Racing Stage 5 Performance Package:
      2.5" Pulley
      Ported M62 Gen V Supercharger Housing
      Modular Pulley System
      Oversized Tensioner Pulley
      Siemens 60# Fuel Injectors
Cometic MLS Headgasket
ARP Headstuds
Two OEM Supercharger Heat Exchangers
Ingalls Engine Damper
Solid Transmission Mounts

Fujita F5 Full 3" Intake
ZZPerformance 1 5/8" Stainless Steel Midlength Header
ZZPerformance 3" Downpipe
Magnaflow Catback Exhaust

Exedy Hyper Single Clutch
Stock Transmission / Halfshafts
Stern ST11 18"x8" Rims
BFGoodrich TA Drag Radials (front)
BFGoodrich TA KDW II (rear)

HPTuners Tune
Autometer Boost Gauge
AEM Uego Wideband
Aeroforce Interceptor Scangauge
NGK BKR7E Sparkplugs
Casper's Injector Wiring Harness